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The Dinner Belle Difference

Local First

Not only is it socially responsible to eat local, but it is incredibly delicious here in Middle Tennessee. The last few years have seen an explosion of creative farmers raising colorful heirloom ingredients. Dinner Belle sources as many local ingredients as possible and all the meals revolve around the harvest seasons. All local sources will be listed in each Dinner Belle recipe.

Expertly Chosen Organic


There are wonderful, certified organic farms here in Middle Tennessee. There are also many farms that use organic practices but are not yet certified because the certification process is too expensive for smaller farms. Dinner Belle visits farms that are not certified or has a representative visit to make sure they really are using organic practices. We try to use organic ingredients as much as possible and never use any non-organic produce on the “Dirty Dozen” list; however, we may occasionally use a non-organic ingredients from the “Clean Fifteen” list.

Always Authentic

No Processed Foods

Dinner Belle uses only whole, gluten-free foods like rice, potatoes, corn and whole grains like quinoa. The only sweeteners we use are local honey, organic agave nectar, and organic, dark, unrefined, cane sugar.

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More Earth

Less Waste

Instead of plastic, we package your food in reusable Mason jars or compostable casserole dishes made from plant fibers. Each week we sterilizes the glass.