Our Values

Since 2016, Dinner Belle has been focused on helping our customers dine as if they had infinite time to spend shopping directly from local farmers and cooking everything from scratch at home. We believe in mindful eating and food as medicine.

We Say


to chemicals, preservatives, & processed ingredients.


to frozen pizzas and inconvenient trips to pick up food from restaurants.

Bon voyage

to cooking daily meals & never having enough time.

Au Revoir

to the feeling of never having enough time at the end of the day


to the stress of rigid meal planning.


to wasteful packaging from national meal delivery services.

While Saying


to ingredients from local farms & artisan producers.


to organic, unrefined ingredients.


to grass-fed dairy & meat from local, pastured, humanely treated animals.


to meat from local, pastured, humanely treated animals


to compostable & glass packaging that is whisked away weekly, sanitized & reused.

Bon appetit

to marvelous tasting, prepared breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Most of all, THANK YOU for the gift of time to mindfully reconnect to yourself & the people who matter most in your life.

About the Owner

Laura Axelson

Native Nashvillian Laura Axelson founded Dinner Belle in 2016 after realizing how challenging it was for herself and her friends to consistently feed their families balanced, wholesome meals made with local ingredients. She would love to expand Dinner Belle into more cities some day. Her biggest achievements have been learning to be a leader within her company and raising her two boys, Liam and Soren, with her husband Derek. When she is not running Dinner Belle or spending time with her family, she loves to swim laps, shop at vintage stores, or watch Call The Midwives with her two rescue dogs, Miles and Moose.